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The HALO Team

"Who dares... Brews."



Head Brewer

After serving as the BACKBONE of a Special Operations Military Family, she now brings beer knowledge, a pretty face, and brewing expertise to Project Halo Brewing. Trained at the West Texas A&M Brewing Program along with several years of home brewing experience, there is no question why our beers make you so hoppy. When she isn't serving pints, she's busy slinging hops, actively involved in the Houston Pink Boots Chapter, and our resident DJ.



Head Janitor

Since back in his days of slinging lead and sprinkling freedom around the world as a Special Forces "Green Beret," Steve has had a passion for craft beer.  Now he is applying most of those "skills" into operating Project Halo Brewing behind the scenes, cleaning kegs, and serving as the head janitor.




Joining the Halo Team with an education in Business Hospitality and plenty of Industry experience, Valerie also brings copious amounts of smiles and sass for your entertainment. She may not be a certified therapist but you can always count on Valerie to listen and educate you on our beers, wine, and Pokemon Go.




When Aly isn't going to school or hanging with friends, you can now find her pulling pints at here at Project Halo Brewing. With over a few years of industry experience, you can count on Aly to steer you and your taste buds into the right pint or flight. Come say hello!

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